The Best Italian Pizza in Recife – Brazil : Pizzaria Vesuvio

Our Pizzaria brought to the neighborhood of Boa Viagem, in Recife the true flavor of an Italian Pizza made by Italianos di Napoli.
Within the best Italian Tradition, the masses of Vesuvius Pizzas are neither thick nor thin: they are of the right measure, at the exact point, passed from generation to generation by a Pizzaioli Famiglia.
Our Pizzas are not “fast food”: they take the time necessary for their perfect assembly. Today we could be considered a Gourmet Pizza, as it is in Fashion, but we prefer the term “Classic Italian Pizza”, because we bring secular traditions.

The Italian Menu brings in unusual combinations and exotic flavors, such as Pizza Carbonara – where the eggs are beaten and blended into the filling at Moda Di Napoli instead of boiled and diced, resulting in a remarkable flavor – or Pizza Stracciatella, whose main ingredient is a cheese imported from Apulia (Southeastern Italy, made with buffalo milk that is curdled and matured in the serum itself, after being rolled into several straccetti (strands) and mixed with the cream for a perfect Cure.

At last, Mestre Massimo, Pizzaioli, brought from the historical slopes of Mount Vesuvius the most delicious recipes of his family to be appreciated, piece by piece, for those who want to taste the best Italian pizza in Recife.

   ” At Pizzaria Vesuvio, you will find a little piece of Napoli in the neighborhood of Boa Viagem, a true gastronomic tour in the most emblematic Italian dish.”

In addition to the classic Italian Menu, you can taste the consecrated flavors of the Brazilian Menu, the unique creations of Vegan Menu and enjoy many other delicacies such as Legitimate Italian Wines, Beers at the correct temperature and Perfect Entries and Desserts.
Welcome to our house, in Almirante Tamandaré Street, 259, Boa Viagem, the same street as the classic restaurant Tio Pepe and the Consecrated Portuguese Restaurant Recanto Lusitano.
If you prefer Delivery, simply call (81) 3097-6060, after choosing your order.

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